TIL: Web3 Isn’t Just About Crypto. It Might Be The Future of Social Media.

Depending on where you stand, we’re currently looking at either the spiral of Twitter into its eventual downfall, or its glorious comeback from the ashes as Elon Musk takes the helm of this once-unicorn darling of the startup world. 

One thing’s for certain though as of this writing— Twitter’s not a fun place to be in right now.

Like many others, I too was curious whether other platforms like Twitter existed— if we were to jump ship, where could we go next?

After countless searches across the web, one platform stood out: Mastodon. 

After the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk, the platform saw almost 180,000 people sign-up in a single day.

I was intrigued.

Once I had everything set up on Mastodon (more on this later), I felt right at home. Tweets (or “toots”) were as simple as typing on a blank canvas and hitting ‘publish’. With a character word count of 500 vs. Twitter’s 280, you could fit more in a single post and skip the long threads.

Everything from retweets to favorites had its Mastodon equivalent. It even has its own ‘Discover’ tab showcasing trending news and the most talked about hashtags.

And the most interesting part of it all, everyone on the platform seemed to be happy— almost all of the people there celebrated the presumed downfall of Twitter.

But if Mastodon is everything that Twitter wished it could ever be, why haven’t the rest of the platform flocked to this platform yet?