📖 Love At First Sale

Love At First Sale

“Never have I expected that a book will understand the entirety of my thoughts as a young entrepreneur— Love At First Sale perfectly encapsulates the rollercoaster journey that entrepreneurs go through, but never really dare talk about. An easy read that’s concise, bold, and very brave!”

“If you’re ever looking for some tips and tricks on how to make money, then this book is for you. Love At First Sale talks about how you can transform a small amount of money into a six-figure business.”

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About the Book

I started my company almost 4 years ago fresh out of college, with no investors, no capital, and no experience. I’ve been kicked out of college twice, and have started and closed up several businesses across the food, logistics, and tech industry.

After several years of trying and failing in entrepreneurship, I went back to my roots and decided to build a business that I was deeply passionate about, which was storytelling.

By going against common beliefs of starting a business, I’ve built a business that makes over PHP4M a year. We’ve never done a business loan, never gotten investors, and never done anything to market ourselves. Despite all that, we’re currently thriving in a very competitive industry with clients recommending us left and right. All without losing control of my business, and getting burned out.

In my first ever book, Love at First Sale, I’ll be sharing stories and lessons I’ve learned throughout building a business that I love. My hope is to build the next generation of entrepreneurs that focus on helping their customers, without sacrificing their love and passion for the business that they started.

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